Dick Couron

CEO of Trilogy Effective Software Solutions, Inc. (TESS) & President of Trilogy Energy Services, Inc. (TESI)

Dick’s extensive Management, Consulting and Technology background spans several decades and industries, on a national and international scale. As CEO and Founder of DC Systems Dick, orchestrated the development and successful deployment of Gas*Master, an ETRM industry leading product for the Natural Gas Industry. Later, as CEO and Founder of Trinity Apex Solutions Inc., Dick developed the next generation of enterprise ETRM software to handle multiple energy commodities. This software was branded The Integrated Energy System (TIES). Dick was successful in selling the company to both Caminus, SunGard Energy, and SolArc, Inc. before buying the product back from Openlink in 2014.

More recently as CEO and Co-founder of Trilogy Effective Software,Dick is leading the effort to expand TIES beyond its current market footprint to become the "market leader" in enterprise software solutions relative to Natural Gas, Crude Oil, and NGLs, for the Energy Midstream Sector.

He holds BS degrees in Math and Physics, as well as an MS degree in Management Science/Statistics from Texas Christian University

Jeremy Frye

President of Trilogy Effective Software Solutions, Inc.

The focus of Jeremy’s 20 year career has been on designing, developing, implementing and delivering ETRM software with top ETRM companies including Caminus, SunGard Energy, Trilogy Apex Solutions, Inc., SolArc, Inc., and Openlink. He’s worked with some of the top energy companies delivering and implementing complex solutions. He’s helped design solutions for EnLink, WPX, Southcross, and Kinder Morgan. He was former Vice President of Trinity Apex Solutions, Inc. before selling the company to SolArc, Inc. Jeremy holds a BS and a MBA from Bellevue University.

Joy Armstrong

Vice President of Quality Control and Documentation

Joy’s career started in the energy space with well-known companies like Cities Services/Citgo, Williams Companies, Pacific Enterprises Corporation where she learned most if the roles of each department. Her consulting experience stems from very successful projects with Williams, Reading, Bates Corporation, and Terra Resources, Inc. She was Vice President and Co-Owner of both DC Systems and Trinity Apex, Inc. where she was responsible for development and support for both GasMaster and the TIES product before selling the companies to Caminus/SunGard. She was co-owner of Trinity Apex Solutions, Inc. before successfully selling the company to SolArc/OpenLink. Joy holds a BS in Computer Science and studied at the University of Central Oklahoma and the University of Arkansas.

David Covich

Vice President of Product Development

David has over 25 years of energy software development experience focused on the midstream segment supporting and delivering software products. Most recently David was leading the development team for the TIES product for Openlink Financial, Inc. David partnered and helped form Trinity Apex, Inc. before selling the TIES product to SolArc, Inc. David was partner/owner and manager of development for DC Systems and helped migrate Gas*Master from UNIX/Ingres to Windows before selling the company to Camunis, SunGard Energy, and became the Director of Development for their natural gas solutions. David worked with INNS and continued on building the DCS AXIS system and soon thereafter started with DC Systems, Inc. and helped with re-architecting the Gas*Master Suite.

Lisa Conley

Vice President Customer Support & Special Products

Lisa from the start of her career has been focused on clients and software related to the oil and gas midstream segments. During her 20 year career Lisa worked for Openlink Financial, Inc. as Director of Client Support. Before that Lisa worked in several key management positions for Caminus, Inc. SunGard Energy, and DC Systems, Inc. Lisa’s focus has always been client support in various positions supporting a number of areas in the software development cycle, including development, quality assurance, and software client support. She received her B.S. Computer Science and has completed several hours towards her master’s degree in Computer Information Systems at the University of North Texas.